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The Twin Chefs are the second antagonists encountered in Six's journey to escape the Maw in Little Nightmares. They are the main antagonists of The Kitchen chapter and one of them is briefly encountered in The Guest Area chapter.

Website Description

With a love of violence and a feeling for meat, the twins were born to be chefs. As they shuffle across the cold floor, chopping, mincing, preparing the feast, the Twin Chefs sense something that makes their skin itch. A dirty, unwelcome presence. Vermin will not be tolerated in the kitchen. They use anything from hammers to cleavers and will not hesitate to turn them on intruders.


The Twin Chefs are a pair of obese humanoid monsters who are almost identical in appearance: both have almost toddler-like proportions with stubby legs and thick sausage-like arms with pudgy fingers, the skin of which is heavily calloused (most likely from years of cooking and dishwashing). They also have small but protruding ears and short, greasy brown hair. Both wear tall white chef's hats and white uniforms with aprons splattered with blood and filth, along with blue trousers and brown shoes.

The main difference between the Twin Chefs are their faces, one having a wall-eyed stare and an extremely wide, flabby mouth, while the other is cross-eyed with a mouth permanently squished into a fish-like pucker. Strangest of all is how their heads appear to be large rubber masks hiding their true faces, which they sometimes shove their hands underneath to feed themselves a bit of whatever they're cooking at the moment. Their true faces are unknown, but a glance shows them to have greyish-blue skin.

Little Nightmares

The Twin Chefs are first encountered in the Kitchen of The Maw, where they presumably prepare the food for the Guests. Following her escape from the blind Janitor, Six spots one of the Chefs in the distance as she arrives in the kitchen area on a meat hook, quickly hiding from the Chef as he goes about his work. While fetching a key to the meat locker from the Chef's bedroom, Six inadvertently wakes up the Chef's twin brother, but manages to hide from him, as well. Eventually, Six arrives in the busboy area, but is discovered climbing a pile of dishes and hunted down, Six jumps and hangs onto a meat hook going away from the kitchen, as a last-ditch attempt the Twins begin to throw wine bottles at Six, but their poor aim isn't enough and Six finally escapes them.

Later, as Six makes her way through the Guest Area, one of the Twins arrives in an elevator and chases her to a nearby bathroom. When he fails to find her, he leaves in frustration. After which, she leaves the bathroom noticing the chef chopping up meat in a nearby kitchen next to the elevator. Neither of the Twins are seen again for the remainder of the game.


Like the other characters in Little Nightmares, the Twin Chefs do not speak, but their personality is shown through their actions. Much like the Janitor, the Twins serve the Maw without question, by preparing the food for all the guests. Despite their occupation, their personal hygiene is as questionable as the source of their ingredients, shown when they openly cough around food, rip open a large piece of raw meat with possibly unwashed hands, and unclog a washing station's drain with a toilet plunger.

As loyal servants of the Maw, they will not hesitate to attack and chase Six on sight, going so far as to add her to the menu if captured. When Six is noticed by either of the Chef's, they let out a distorted pig-squeal.

Although being the cooks of the ship, they have little knowledge on how to cook a meat, as the meats and the fish seen eaten by the Guests appear to still be raw. Either that or they are following the twisted rules of the world.


The Twin Chefs are quite fast, as Six is not able to out-run them. They will chase Six and if she doesn’t have time to run away from them, they grab her and either choke her or add to the dish for The Guests. However, you can easily hide from them under any furniture where the cooks cannot stick their hands in. Their other weakness is clumsiness. Unlike the Janitor, they will never be able to reach Six if she is too high. Also, considering they can actually see, if Six walked in any ingredients, they will follow the footsteps to where Six last was, so it is a decent decision to always be moving in that section of the game.


  • Most of their furniture is conjoined, implying that they may have been conjoined themselves at some point. After Six escapes The Kitchen through a grate that takes her into the Twin Chef's bathroom, two interconnected toilets can be seen, as well as an interconnected mattress where they sleep.
    • A portrait of both Chefs is split vertically down the middle, with half of one twin's portrait attached to the opposite half of the other twin's portrait.
  • It is probable that after the Lady consumes the souls of The Guests with her powers, the Twin Chefs dispose of the corpses by cooking them in their meals, which they then feed to future Guests. This is supported in that one of the Chefs can be seen arriving at the Guest Area and entering a mysterious room, where the silhouette of him violently hacking and slashing at an unidentified meat with a butcher's knife can be seen.
  • The Chefs can occasionally be seen lifting up their faces to scratch a sickly dark-greenish skin underneath, revealing that they are in fact wearing masks. The full appearance of their true faces is never seen.
    • It is possible that the Chefs cut off and wear the skin of the deceased Guests in order to blend in with them, therefore making their task of chopping them up for meat much easier.
  • They and the Shoe Monster are the only enemies featured in the 2016 demo.
  • The Twin Chefs are the only antagonists who have not been killed by Six or the Runaway Kid in Little Nightmares.
  • The appearance of the twins may have been inspired by Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
  • Players never get to see the Chefs cooking together.
    • However in the preview for the Kitchen chapter in the Chapter Select menu, the Chefs are seen cooking together.
  • Unlike other enemies, the Chefs have several animations for killing Six: they can chop off her head with a cleaver (off-screen), shove her into the oven, throw her into a deep fryer or grinder, add her to soup, stuff her into fish, or simply grab her with their hands.
    • There is a sound file cut from the game, which shows that initially the Chefs could break Six's neck if she fell into their hands (see video). This has been removed from the game for unknown reasons.
  • At least one of the Chefs has a smoking habit. When Six first arrives at The Kitchen via the roll hooks, one of the Chefs can be seen smoking on the balcony in the distance. It is likely this is why he regularly coughs.
  • Initially, there were three chefs in the Maw, as evidenced by the concept art presented in the gallery below.
  • The Twin Chefs appear as a cover brand for some of the cans in the Hunter's shack refrigerator in Little Nightmares II.
  • The Twin Chefs share some similarities to the Butler and the Teacher. All four of them are the second bosses encountered in their respective games and are not actually killed by the protagonist, and the protagonist narrowly escapes them.
  • The Twin Chefs' Steam emoticon is titled ":CHIEF_KNIFE:". This is most likely a typo.




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