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"And after what happened to their village, they were of course welcomed everywhere..."

Villagers[1] are a group of people that were seen in Issue #1 of Little Nightmares (comic series).


These characters are only seen briefly via silhouettes. They appear to be humanoids carrying pitchforks and torches.


Unlike most humanoids in the series, they have a neutral stance to children, only chasing a pair out of their village when they were the cause of it's destruction. These characters appear to fend off children in a more civil manner by using tools, rather than capturing them or eating them.

Little Nightmares

The story begins by describing that a young boy, his sister, and all of the other children of their village wore charms to protect themselves from the North Wind. One winter, they didn't work, and their village was destroyed.

After this, the children are seen being chased out of another village by these characters, holding weapons. Their village appeared to be in ruins, presumably having been destroyed by the North Wind in search for the children.


  1. An official source that states the name hasn't been found yet, or the citation was invalid.
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